My story begins in Crete Greece, in the late 80s,
when a unique blend made of wine distillate and a secret bouquet
of natural extracts gave life to my uncompromising spirit.
My spirit is always reminiscent of my roots: the glorious Mediterranean beauty...
My smooth yet intriguing aromas, fill the atmosphere and never sit still.

Life after all is a journey; an adventure.
This is the path I chose to lead and, man, did it get me far, so far!
I travelled far and away, crossed seas and forests, wandered in highways and alleys.
I touched hills and rooftops. My presence stirred waters and calmed minds.
I reached the heart of Europe and settled in Romania. There, my true form came to life.

Like a source of light, I was energized and raised;
I grew in the hearts of people that enjoyed me,
I grew in size and I grew in a big group, that I call my family.
The Alexandrion Group, a leader of course, and me the leading star;
together we are about to take the world by storm!

My goal is to continue my journey and conquer the hearts of the whole world.
New possibilities don’t scare me, they challenge me to go further and grow better.
Compromises aren’t an option. My life doesn’t see barriers.
I always follow my passion and where it can take me.

Always true to my origins, authentic to my values, I grew in time.
I experienced the essence of life and became essential to it.
I am the spirit that redefines life;
the joyous air that flows around you when you are having fun.
I am in the memories made at the table next to you.
I am in the soul of the bartender pouring my spirit into that glass.

I am the authenticity in an ever-changing era.
I am a survivor and a leader, eternally unique and different.
Just like him; just like her and them. Just like every single one of you.
I am Alexandrion and… So are you!