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true that will redefine your senses 
and trigger your palate. 
A deep golden, just like its colour, 
blend unveiling pleasant notes of...

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It touches the divine, exceeds the seven skies. 
It’s the delightful sweet notes that 
tantalise your senses with a unique, 
smooth, round and full palate...

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An exclusively Romanian experience! 
A limited edition Alexandrion, a new recipe that celebrates 
the Romanian spirit...

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This is how every good story begins.

Going back to the late 80s in Crete, Greece. When a wine distillate and a secret bouquet of natural extracts were blended to create this unique spirit; Alexandrion releases a magnificent set of aromas that always takes your senses back to its roots: 

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50ml Alexandrion 5*
20ml Espresso
20ml Coffee liqueur
5ml Passion Fruit
Glass: Old Fashioned
Method: Shake and Fine Strain
Ice: Cubes or crushed
Garnish: Cinnamon or chocolate powder
50ml Alexandrion 5*
10ml Sugar syrup
4 lime wedges
Top up with bitter lemon
Glass: Highbal
l Method: Shake and Fine Strain
Ice: Cubes
Garnish: Peel or slice or orange or lime
50ml Alexandrion 5*
40ml fresh orange juice
15-20ml fresh lemon juice
20ml Passion Fruit Pure
Top up with Soda water
Glass: Rock Glass
Method: Shake and strain
Ice : Cubes
Garnish: Basil or orange peels
50ml Alexandrion 5*
15-20ml Hazelnut syrup
50ml fresh orange juice
Glass :Highball
Method: Shake and Strain
Garnish: Cinnamon sticks or orange slice with caramelised brown sugar.
20ml Alexandrion 5*
Espresso fresh brew
Glass : Coffee mug
Method: Build
Ice: No ice
Garnish: Cinnamon or chocolate powder
25ml Alexandrion 5*
60ml SABEL Elyzia Black Currants
15ml Fresh Lemon Juice
2 Dash Bitter Sherry
Prosecco -top-
50ml Alexandrion 5*
100ml Black Tea (orange/ginger favour)
20ml Maple Syrup
10ml Lime Juice 3-4 cloves Glass: Coffee mug
Method: Build Ice: No ice
Garnish: Rosemary